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Next Level
Masters/Adult Track and Field Training
Athletes 21 and Over

(Lead by Ashburn Elite's USATF Level II College Certified Coaches)
Ashburn Elite and Sports9 Next Level Training is happy to announce its Masters/Adult Track and Field Training program.
​This is the training program that is designed for Adult (22-29yrs)  and Masters (30+ yrs) Track and Field participants. There will be graduated groups and training for the Masters/Adult athletes to ensure athletes get appropriate training.
The program will focus on mastering the proper sprinting/running technique & mechanics, rate of force production and drills to develop the ability to recruit fast-twitch muscle fiber for dramatic improvements in your ability to accelerate.  We will also focus on Speed Endurance, after the introduction of techinique and proper mechanics, this will ensure the proper mechanics are employed during a speed endurance specific race or event.
The program will adjust according to the athletes skills, endurance and goals.  We will monitor the athletes and make training enhancements to ensure each athelete is improving and getting their desired results. Moreover, a higher emphasis will be given on core strength, increased flexibility as well as understanding of body mechanics and over all muscle recover and nutrition.

Track & Field Sessions: Starting July 19th
Lcoation: TBD
Time: 6:30 – 7:45
Session Block: July 19th - Sept 6th
Cost:  $65/Block
Level II
Adult and Masters Track and Field Specific Training:  Click here to Register Now
This program is designed for Adult and Masters Athletes.